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"Beautycoll® Contains Peptan® delivering clinically proven anti–aging benefits"

What Is Collagen?

A healthy foundation

Environmental pollution, aging and harmful UV rays can damage collagen fibre, limit your hyaluronic acid production and decrease skin water content. This can cause skin to look tired and dehydrated. Beautycoll® contains Peptan® collagen and 50mg of hyaluronic acid to help fight the signs of aging and dehydration.

Using Beautycoll® 12,000mg drink:

  1. The first 4 – 5 days some women said skin felt softer and more hydrated. Makeup was applied with ease.
  2. The first 2 weeks some women experienced more energy levels, skin looked smoother and radiant, some women noticed a reduction in colour spots.
  3. 4 – 6 weeks women experienced reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Some experienced hair & nail growth.
  4. 12 weeks skin moisture levels increased by 28%

Improving skin collagen and density

Using a cream with SPF and UVB protection will help protect your skin from the suns harmful rays. The Sun ages skin, try seek shade and try avoid the use of sun beds.

Drinking plenty of water and reducing sugar intake will improve the appearance of skin.

Stopping smoking will make a huge difference to the visible effects now and later in life. Smoking causes damage we cannot see whilst young, signs will start to show after 10 years or so. Smoking kills the collagen in our skin causing permanent lines and wrinkles.

Cutting down on regular alcohol intake will be a benefit to skin. Alcohol absorbs water and dehydrates your skin.

Eating a healthy balanced diet which includes your five a day and getting plenty of sleep will help your skin get the nutrients it needs.

Empty out powder sachet into a small amount of water and stir into a paste, add more water to the glass to approx 150ml - 200ml) stir well and consume daily.

Try serving Beautycoll® mixed berry over ice for a refreshing collagen drink.

For other serving suggestions see our recipes page.

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