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Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen, What is it and how does it help you?

Already used widely in the Far East, marine collagen-based products have begun to appear more and more online and in health food shops in Europe. So what is Marine collagen? Marine collagen is extracted from the scales or skin of saltwater fish such as salmon and cod. It is a fibrous protein that preliminary clinical studies have found possesses medicinal properties that promote human health and well-being.

So how can it help you? Well marine collagen has antioxidant properties that when used in skin care products can prevent or even repair the damage caused by UV or weather extremes as well as damage caused by your own aging process.

Findings from research showed that oral doses of marine collagen peptides showed a significant thickening of epidermis along with a sharp increase in the number and activity of fibroblasts in the skin. Fibroblasts play a significant role in the creation of new connective tissues, such as skin.

Collagen from a wide array of animal sources is used in many cosmetic formulations to help moisturise and plump human skin cells.

What does this all mean? Well obviously you should always check with your doctor before starting any kind of treatment or different regime but as long as they see no issue you could include a marine collagen sachet drink in your daily routine.

Beautycoll marinecollagen drink sachet has been clinically proven to have anti-aging benefits, reducing wrinkles in just 28 days as well as being super hydrating for the skin. Healthier looking hair and nails is also a benefit and is a really affordable solution on the market.

For all you who are conscious of calorie counting and amount of fat in a product, Beautycoll is only 62kcal per serving with 0% fat. So the next question is, what is stopping you from trying this amazing product?

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