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"91% of women in the trial observed an increase in moisturising effect"

What Is Collagen?

Peptan® Delivering clinically proven anti–aging benefits

Anti Aging hydration effect, Skin restructuring in just one month.

A clinical study by COS derma in France involving 106 women showed that after just four weeks Peptan® collagen consumption of 10,000mg per day, collagen fragmentation decreased significantly in the deep layers of the skin. After 12 weeks of using Peptan® collagen there was a 31% reduction compared to the start of the study and an increase in collagen density of 9%. No changes were absorbed in the placebo group.

Peptan® leads to visible improvements in skin structure, firmness and elasticity after 1-3 months, boosting the collagen network and thus promoting visible anti-age effects on the skin.

Key findings were that the ingestion of collagen peptides can improve skin properties such as elasticity and smoothness and significantly increase skin hydration.

A 12 week study among 47 women by Dermscan in France demonstrated that consumption of Peptan® leads to a significant decrease 26% in fine lines and wrinkles during the trial period.

Peptan® was proven to prevent deep wrinkle formation. Peptan® was also shown to increase skin suppleness by 19% in the trial group.

In Japan 33 women aged between 40 – 59 took part in an 8 week clinical study consuming 10,000mg of Peptan® per day. Cutaneous hydration measurements were performed in this trial to record Peptan® moisturising effect. At the end of the trial an increase in skin hydration of 28% was recorded for participants who had ingested Peptan®. No increase was observed in the placebo group.

The administration of Peptan® led to a direct increase in skin hydration in almost two thirds of the participants demonstrating that a daily oral intake of Peptan® can significantly improve skin dryness and its signs.

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