Beautycoll featured in November 2019 Marie Claire

It is an honour to be featured in the last ever print edition of Maire Claire. In this months November issue we appear in the supper supplements edit. Our head of product development Emma explains how the collagen peptide molecule works.

The right nutrition can make skin look younger and more beautiful. Scientific research as proven that nutrition can influence our skins elasticity, firmness and moisture binding capacity by contributing to well organised collagen fibres. Peptan collagen peptides, in particular, have proven skin beauty benefits, contributing to a healthier, younger looking skin.

“As we age collagen production slows down. Thankfully the Peptan molecule is a bioavailable form of collagen. Ninety per cent of it is digested into small peptides” which means that once it is in the bloodstream, these peptides can act as building blocks for cells, boosting the production of new fibres to improve elasticity and prevent wrinkles”

Emma Caine, Head of product development at Beautycoll.

The science behind the powdered sachet is the actives are preserved right up until mixed and the ingredients are activated to deliver the product in its purest form. Ready to drink collagen drink actives will degrade over time as they will oxidise in water.

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