What a busy and exciting year 2021 has been already! We can't believe we're already coming to the end of March but we're so excited for more sunny days and coming out of lockdown.

Here at Beautycoll we have had a busy month in March, starting at the beginning of the month with the release of some new products including our new Beautycoll Collagen 10,000mg, multivitamin wellness skincare pouch which comes in a new pomegranate and cranberry flavour. We also introduced our Skin brightening toner and cleanser, Collagen boosting serum, Hydration boosting serum and our Vitamin enriched cream. All of our products are designed with our customers in mind to make sure that they get the best out of their skincare routine!

Another great part of this month has been the launch of our customer reviewer programme. At the beginning of the year we asked a range of customers to take part in reviewing our Beautycoll Collagen 6,000mg, multivitamin wellness skincare drink. All the customers had to do was take their Beautycoll sachets everyday and then report back to us on the results! We received some amazing feedback and before and after photos with some customers stating that they saw results in the first 2-4 weeks! (We always recommend our customers to wait 4-6 weeks before noticeable results show). Even our Social Media, Marketing and Sales assistant Molly decided to take part and here's what she had to say.. 'I have noticed an improvement in my skin but I was mainly pleased about the boost in energy which I have received! I feel more awake at work & when I'm exercising'. With our reviewer programme being successful and loved by our customers we have decided to extend this for the next couple of months.. please get in touch now if you would like to take part!

Some new options have also been introduced to our website is that customers now have the chance to subscribe and save! When purchasing our Beautycoll pouch or box there is now an option when you can subscribe, meaning that you will receive your Beautycoll every month and not have to worry about re ordering or running low, this is also great because when you subscribe you save up to £5! Think about the extra products you could buy after saving for a couple of months.. 😍

Along with subscribe and save you can also now refer a friend! When you refer a friend you can save your friend up to £10 off their subscription and gain yourself some treats.. this could be a voucher for money off products or even a free gift.

The topic for this month around the Beautycoll office and warehouse was "When do you prefer to take your Beautycoll?".. We found out that a lot of people like taking their Beautycoll first thing in the morning or first thing when they get to work but others enjoy it with their lunch and some even enjoy it just before going to bed. This is one of the great features about Beautycoll you can fit it into your schedule and take it whenever you like but still gain all of the benefits. When do you like taking your Beautycoll?

We're very excited for the upcoming months and for the summer season to start! But for now we hope that everyone has a great bank holiday weekend and a great April.. 💕

If you have any questions regarding this months recap then please get in touch!

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