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Spring skincare Vitamin B…

Now that spring is fully underway and summer is just around the corner you may be feeling like ditching those heavy winter creams for something lighter that still packs a punch of hydration needed for those warmer days. Light serums such as our B5, B3 and sodium PCA serum can be layered with other ingredients like Vitamin C and are great at keeping skin plump and hydrated.

Pantothenic acid? Niacinamide ? Scientific names can be confusing right ?

Pantothenic acid aka vitamin B5 the youth of skincare and Niacinamide also known as vitamin B3 super beneficial for skin. Lets look at the benefits of topical application.

Pantothenic acid - Vitamin B5

Panthenol is a humectant because of its ability to attract and hold moisture leaving the skin with a soft smooth appearance.


Vitamin B5 helps improve the skin's natural repairing process and helps stimulate repair of damaged skin.

Natural Hydrator

Vitamin B5 is a natural hydrator known as a humectant, which stabilizes your skin's barrier function. The stabilization results in an increase in the amount of water your skin holds on to.

Anti ageing

Vitamin B5's panthenol is known to soothe and soften skin, this promotes the growth of new, more youthful skin cells. Which plumps and moisturizes the top layer of your skin, which causes it to look fuller and younger.

Soothe & Soften

Vitamin B5 can help soothe minor skin irritation to scar damage. Vitamin B5 also has natural anti-inflammatory benefits and may help for discomfort related to skin conditions such as eczema.

Foods rich in vitamin B5 include mushrooms, fish, avocados, eggs, lean chicken, beef, pork, sunflower seeds, milk, sweet potatoes, and lentils

Niacinamide - Vitamin B3

Niacinamide has been shown to help reduce yellowing, wrinkling, red blotchiness and pigmented spots, which are all signs of facial ageing.


B3 can help improve skin's elasticity, dramatically enhance its barrier function, help erase discolorations, and revive skin's healthy tone and texture.

Reduce hyperpigmentation

Niacinamide can help with hyperpigmentation by reducing pigment production and the subsequent transfer of pigment into your skin, leaving you with a more even complexion.

Boost skin immunity

Beyond preventing the signs of ageing, vitamin B3 can improve your overall skin health, too. Your skin’s immune cells, also known as langerhans cells, are responsible for protecting and repairing your skin.

Reduce oil

Vitamin B3 works well on all skin types, particularly combination to oily skin. Niacinamide has been shown to reduce oil output from the sebaceous glands, which means less acne and fewer breakouts.

Foods rich in B3 include: Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. Green and red peppers, Spinach, cabbage, turnip greens, and other leafy greens, Sweet and white potatoes, Tomatoes and tomato juice.

So there you have it our conditioning B vitamin serum benefits, much easier to add into your skincare routine than to pronounce.

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