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Collagen is one of the most exciting ingredients in the beauty supplement industry, with many hailing it’s skin-boosting benefits. Introducing Beautycoll – a carefully formulated skincare drink that harnesses marine collagen, as well as a number of skin-loving vitamins and minerals to help you glow from within. 


Collagen is the key support structure for skin, hair and nails. However, as we age, the activity in our fibroblast cells starts to decrease, meaning less collagen is produced and the support structure begins to collapse. As a result, skin starts to appear thinner and fine lines begin to develop. This is where Beautycoll comes in. Developed by a sibling duo with a strong background in the supplement industry, Beautycoll is the ultimate collagen drink to boost the health of skin, hair and nails. 







Collagen in its raw form after being hydrolysed is a powder. The science behind our formulation is our collagen sachets are preservative free, fresh, sealed and ready to be activated with water. This ensures you are getting 100% of the type 1 marine collagen actives and vitamins as they are not degrading in a ready to drink format like liquids and gels. Ready to drink formulas contain preservatives to stop microbial spoilage and they're actives degrade over time being exposed to oxygen and water. 


Mix Beautycoll’s fresh handy sachet when you are ready to drink. Unlike many collagen drink brands available, Beautycoll isn’t pre-mixed and comes in a clever powder format. Not only does this make it easy to transport, but it also ensures the highest possible potency so you know that when you drink Beautycoll, you can be rest assured you’re receiving the marine collage, vitamins and minerals in the freshest, most potent way as many liquid and gel based formulas contain preservatives and degrade over time. Best of all.

Why a collagen powder?

"Skin hydration improvement"

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In this study Peptan collagen increased skin hydration by 28% in 8 weeks.

91% of the group who drank Peptan collagen reported higher skin hydration levels.

"Reduction in natural collagen loss"

Reduction in natural collagen loss drinking Peptan collagen over 12 weeks.

Drinking Peptan collagen for 3 weeks reduced the loss of natural collagen by 31%

Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 14.07.52.png
Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 14.07.14.png

"Wrinkle reduction"

Peptan collagen reduces wrinkles around the eye.


A clinical study using 5000mg per day of Peptan collagen over 90 days reduced wrinkles.

13% around the eyes 

10% around the mouth

Before & After

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Real people & Real results 

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